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Great Leader.

Shri Babalbhai Mehta - Freedom Fighter

Late Shri Babalbhai Mehta was the soldier & devotee of Mahatma Gandhi and a Sarvodaya Karyakar. In the beginning he make village Masara as his own residential village. He selected village Thamna as his objective land and became known as PANOTA PUTRA of Thamna. In the beginning he was coming once a week to Thamna but when Bapu raised a question of fundamental education before people, Balgangadhar Kher then Education Minister of Mumbai state bestowed responsibility for that on Shri Narhari Parikh and Shri Babalbhai Mehta. With the result of that Thamna became the main centre of Education and we got Babalbhai. With his decision to reside permenantly in Thamna everybody became happy.

By coming in Thamna Babalbhai not only clean the village but also tried to clean the differences of caste and religion, untouchables and habits of drinking. With his residence, in Thamna, village start to prosper day by day. Some people who get primary education under him are now graduates and well settled in foreign countries.

When Bapu started “Karenge Ya Marenge” movement to free India Thamna took very valuable part in it and increased the SHAAN- Image of of the village. When British Government hold Babalbhai and put him in jail entire village shocked and feel the pain of it and as a proof people continue the leftover activities of Babalbhai during that period. Even 11 people from Thamna accepted laughingly jail and suffer all the pains and punishments.

At the time of passing away of Baa and Bapu (Kasturba & Gandhiji )village feel with sorrows and shock and in memory of them people contributed donation and build Mahatma Gandhi Smarak Dawakhana & Kasturba Gandhi Smarak Prasutigruh not only that but also on the bank of talab build a stup of Gandhiji which witness their presence even today. So was our Babalbhai who spend his valuable years of life to serve our village. He not only teach us the lesson of cleanliness but also sprinkle the root of good culture, decency and decipline. With his residence in Thamna many great people put their lotus feet in village Thamna and purify the land among them were Iron Man late Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, late Shri Mahadevbhai Desai, late Shri Kishorilal Mashruwala and also ministers and prime minister like Shri Kanaiyalal mUnshi, Shri Balgangadhar Kher & Shri Morarjibhai Desai have given honor to our village by coming in the village for which we are proud of. This is all because of one silent server who reside here in our village. Whatever we can do is not enough to reward him. We pray almighty God to make us like him.

Brahmlin Shri Ramdasji Maharaj - Worshipper of Satsang (Good Company)

It’s a fortune of Thamna who received two good sons like Babalbhai & Ramdas Maharaj. Their Native different, birthplace different, language different but land of work the same village Thamna. Though their life the same but direction – the field of work- different, they make others their own. They fill their life with people’s love, make life beneficent and sprinkle culture in people. Though they were physically different but there was uniformity in their work. It will not be hyperbole- excessive- to say that they were born to serve the people of Thamna. There is enough written over Babalbhai and many have written for him but there is very little over Ramdasji Maharaj which makes us feel like he is forgotten. First of all we must salute these great souls.

Brahmlin Ramdas Maharaj came to Thamna years back. He was simply a sadhu from Daudji Mandir Dakor Akhada (Sadhu Organization) who came to Thamna and started working as pujari in Ramji Mandir and make Thamna as land of his objectives. Person who came to serve God became servant of people. He proved “ Janseva is Prabhuseva” means Service to mankind is service to God. He served people more than God, he served people of village Thamna more than God.

To increase religious and spiritual atmosphere in village he organized tours to various holy places on a co-operative basis. He started celebrating religious festivals, organized Yagnas like Vishnuyag. He bring people close to each other and sow seeds of unity. Maharajshri, with the help of young people of village , prepared one garden which today known as Rambag that increases the appearance of the village. Entire life he worked for the village without any expectations. Today we people feel the absence of him but still he is between us as the sprinkler of good culture & decency. Today when youth of Thamna helps in various activities of Senior Citizen Form, when they take part in development of our village we definitely remember Babalbhai and Ramdasji Maharaj. Definitely we feel lack of their presence. Both the so called sons of village lived opposite to each other in village. One behind the mandir and other on the upper story of the mandir complex. One build Rambag the other made it a residence. There is one smarak- monument- building in the name of Babalbhai and a Rambag for Ramdasji Maharaj.Today even we take good care of both the monument places. They served us for years and we salute them today and we we will do so forever.