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Modern Thamna.

Thamna is wel-known village of Kheda and new Anand District. In eastern side of it stands Umreth, presently a Taluka Centre and village Vinzol. On Western side is Ghora, in northern is Khijalpur and in sourthern direction is Lingda and Parvata village. Nearby railway station is Umreth which is situated on Anand-Godhra broad guage rail line. Famous pilgrim place Dakor is seven kilometres from here. There are regular bus services from Umreth and district centre Anand to come to Thamna.

River Shedhi flows in the northern direction of our village which gives shapes to the borders of Anand, Thasra and Nadiad.

Every village have their own history like that Thamna also have history. Famous poet and man of literature Shri Umashankar Joshi has given full details as under:

Thamna was called Stambhanakpur and Khambhat as Stambhtirth or Stambhanpur as per Puranas. In 1131 Shri Abhaydev Suri described Thamna first time. Afterwords it was clarified that the name Stambhanakpur was mentioned for Thamna and Stambhtirth for Khambhat. According to ancient Jain Article, collection edited by Acharya Muni Jinvijayji, Stambhanakpur situated on river Shedhi bank is the same Thamna, near Umreth, Taluka Anand (now District), District Kheda. Thambhana is the sole transformatory of Thambhanya where Abhay Devsuri with Jayati Rhaan begin sentence constructed Parshwanath Stotra and dig out murti of Parshwanath Bhagwan from underneath the Palash tree which presently is in Khambhat.

Today Thamna is a middle range Agriculatural land with nearly five thousand habitents among them most are Patidar’s. Here all eighteen class peoples are living happily and passing their days with love, harmony and unity. Devotee of Cleanliness and a Sarvodaya Karyakar Babalbhai’s land of work (karmabhumi) Thamna is totally transformed today. By fulfilling the leftover dreams of our so called son of Thamna (Panota Putra) Shri Babalbhai Mehta. Our village is not only an ideal village of Gujarat but of entire India. With the help, cooperation and hard work of Sarpanch, Samras Gram Panchayat Thamna, Shri chandrakant Patel, members of the PAnchayat, working people of panchayat, local people, people living outside Thamna and abroad and youth from the village we have wall to wall RCC roads, underground drainage system, underground telephone cables, twenty four hours electricity and more through which Thamna has become the beautiful exemplary village of cleanliness. No doubt one visit of Thamna makes you feel peace and perfectness because of having scientifically purified water system and toilets in every home which is the speciality of Babalbhai’s Thamna.

E-Gram dreams of Shri Narendbhai Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat being fulfilled by our village. With the help of donors from village Gram Panchayat office record is computerized where you can find total record of Birth and Death etc etc. With the help of various Government Grantse and peoples partnership development of reforming Thamna has become possible. We are trying to make the world small, with the help of modern technology, with the medium of Internet E-Mail services and putting up websites for Thamna. People living below poverty line are also facilitated with residence, road, clean water and electricity.

Every person from our village feel proud of Revolutionary Thamna, influenced by Independence Movement and deeds of his so called son Babalbhai, with the transformation of village. Thamna is an example of an ideal village surrounding 5km areas of unity, co-operation and oneness. And because of this Thamna is being awarded by the President of India which spread the fragrance of our village in entire world. You can feel and experience communal unity in our village. Adopting policy of oneness of religion will bring our village more on the path of development and progress in future.

Transparent management of Gram Panchayat, Dudh Mandli, Sahkari Bhandar, Schools, Primary Health centre and Religious Trusts, detail information regarding donations and public shared Funds, timely respect for Governmental and non governmental officers, ministers and donors helps progressing our village. As dignity of Garvi Gujarat, hard working, progressing Thamna Grampanchayat capability is more worthy than to achieve awards.

Thamna holds three kilometres long shore of the river Shedhi. From 200 hector non agricultural land from that shore 75 hectors land is being converted into agricultural land and used in the plantation of fruit trees. In the precincts of the village huge ground is prepared with helipad facility where day-night cricket being organized and also used by the primary and English medium school as their sports ground which also increases the impression and the look of the village. The burning question of Gujarat is water and for that also such arrangements is being made that people have more than enough water for general use and also have R.O. Plant to provide hygienically pure drinking water to the people.

Besides cleanliness and other facilities we also have made good progress towards education. We have Aanganwadi, Balmandir, Primary School, Secondary school and also burden free English Medium School. Thamna Health & Education Trust also helps us besides in progressing our village, organizing educational and health activities.

We have an organization like Gram Seva Pravrutti Fund Thamna, commenced with the inspiration of Babalbhai which includes Babalbhai Mehta Public Library, Babalbhai Mehta Suvarna Jayanti Trust and Shishu Sanskar Kendra. Through these institutions we are trying to fulfil the left over dreams of Babalbhai to sprinkle healthy culture by organizing educational and cultural activities. Through the institutions under the guidance of Babalbhai many public buildings being built and debates on various knowledgeable subjects, color work competition, village cleaning and more activities being held.

Equal importance is given to various religious institutions, Temples, burial ground etc. It’s a great achievement that works been carried out equally for each and every caste, creed or religion and all class people without any prejudice.

To fulfil the leftover dreams of inspirer Babalbhai Mehta an organization called Senior Citizen Foram Thamna is also commenced which not only unite the aged peoples but also carrying out village development activities, organizing cultural, healthcare and educational activities, taking care of village’s monumental buildings and cleaning village. Also organizing long and short distance tours for seniors and keeping them active and making them feel to have lived happy life. Besides that Foram has make youth as part and parcel of the organization by taking their help in all their activities with the purpose to reduce the generation gap and organizing night study classes. Foram is trying to introduce an exemplary way of living life according to Babalbhai not only for the members of the organisation but also for the people of entire village and trying to promote simple living and high thinking in the society and by organizing Health camps trying to make society free from illness.

Present Thamna is different from Thamna at the time of independence movement. It is transformed with the change of time and progressing towards development as required in this modern age- 21 st century. This is one of the best ideal Jyotigram village of India which is an attraction of visitors and inspirers.