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Specialities of Thamna.

Babalbhai reside here for 44 years and made this village his residence and karmabhumi. Because of his deeds and literary work Thamna became famous as Babalbhai’s Thamna in entire Gujarat. Hardly there will be a house where there is no one or two graduates.Many from the village reach to high positions as Doctors, Engineers, Scientists,Educationalists, Teachers, Principals and Government Officers. People who resides in foreign countries spread the fragrance of Thamna by their deeds.

Shri Chhaganbhai Mundasbhai leave for Zanzibar in 1918 where he was a Head Master in school. In 1922 he became Education Inspector and afterwards he became Principal of Research Training college. All his four sons acquired higher education. In those days his two daughters Shushilaben & Kamlaben became M.B.B.S. and later F.R.C.S.. Dr. Ranchhodbhai Madhabhai Patel became B.Sc. (Agri) in the year 1934. In 1951 he became M.Sc. from Visconsin University of America and in 1953 he achieved Phd. Degree. He served as Principal Campus Director of Anand Agriculture College and Sub-Registrar of Sardar Patel University. Dr. Dahyabhai Muljibhai Patel became B.Sc.Tech. in 1939 and in 1946 he became Phd. From Mumbai University in Textile Chemistry. He received six merit scholarships. In 1952 he travelled to Switzerland France, Germany and England for the purpose of Higher Study. Dr. Chimanbhai Jivabhai Patel became M.B.B.S. and served in foreign countries. He donated rupees one Lack to construct a hall in Thamna.

Dr. Naginbhai Somabhai Sheth was M.Sc. Phd. He worked as advisor in many National Institutions. His contribution to commence Sardar Patel Museum is unforgettable. He went to jail during Independence Movement.

Shri Bhailalbhai Muljibhai Patel M.Sc. studied and experienced in foreign countries started a Laboratory Furnishers business in Mumbai. He provides equipments to Indian Government Laboratories. Dhoribhai Talsibhai Patel was a leading unselfish person in the village. He always stood first in all public works for the village. He used to keep people from village with him in every work.

Shri Aditybhai Shankarbhai Patel (master) was a teacher in Primary School. To bring success to Vardha Education he worked together with Babalbhai. He was Khadidhari (wearing Khadi). He was wearing cloths from self spinned cotton. Once the vividh karyakari Sahkari Mandli was closed he worked hard and restarted it. He played a big role to have Kelvani Mandal.

Shri Chhotabhai Shankarbhai patel ( Mukhi ) was active in independence movement and was jailed for. He was a member of Kheda JIlla Local Board. When Gram Panchayat started he worked successfully as first Sarpanch.

Following persons took active part in Independence Movement and suffered jail from whom besides 2-3 persons nobody accepted Independence Movement Pension. Neither they travelled free though they were entitled.
1) Babalbhai Mehta
2) Chhotabhai Shankarbhai Patel (mukhi)
3) Bhikhabhai Gokalbhai Patel
4) Chhotabhai Kalidas Patel
5) Khodabhai Aditbhai Patel
6) Hariben Savdasbhai Patel
7) Vallabhbhai Khusalbhai patel
8) Narsinhbhai Shankarbhai Patel
9) Chhotabhai Shankarbhai Patel (master)
10) Vaghjibhai Chhotabhai patel
11) Dahyabhai Himabhai Patel
12) Ranchhodbhai Dwarkadas Sheth
13) Indubhai Ambalal Mehta
14) Balashankar Madhavlal Dwivedi
15) Punamchand Govindram Pandya
16) Naginbhai Somabhai Sheth
17) Muljibhai Mathurbhai Dalwadi
18) Labhshankar Vyas
19) Ravishankar J. Bhatt